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Shelburne Falls—December 31, 2024

Thank You

As the year draws to a close, we are so pleased to announce that we have completed CAN's cask shelter. The only existing mock nuclear waste cask in the country is now protected from the New England weather.

But our work is not done. With the cask we can go on the road to show people what a waste cask looks like when nuclear waste is transported to other areas, mostly targeting working poor, rural people of color and indigenous communities that bear the burden of the industries clean up campaigns.

The cask helps us to get people to understand that nuclear is not clean or green. From mining, milling, operation, transportation to waste management, it creates a large carbon footprint that dwarfs wind, solar, and hydropower. The radiation released all along this fuel chain is sickening people and doing irreparable harm to the entire biosphere. It is unconscionable to talk about climate solutions and radioactivity in the same breath.

We need to keep educating people about the dangers of nuclear energy and advocating for a sustainable and just energy future.

Thank you so much for your support in 2023!



New York City—September 18, 2023

March to End Fossil Fuels

Read the Press release reporting on the September 17 events here.

CAN's Environmental Justice and Nuclear Waste Tour in the news


 Plymouth—September 22, 2018

First Parish Unitarian Universalist Church


Boston—September 21, 2018

Environmental group raises concerns over transport of nuclear waste

At the MA State House after our press conference. "Don't Waste America! Stop nuclear transports without concept!"—Kerstin Rudek

From left to right: Diane Turco (Cape Downwinders), Deb Katz, Kerstin Rudek, Tim Judson, Leona Morgan


Greenfield—September 20, 2018

Activists rally against nuclear waste transport

Waste Cask in Greenfield September 20, 2018



Montpelier and Brattleboro—September 18 & 19, 2018

Anti-nuclear waste rally in Montpelier—WCAX3

Activists oppose potential transport of Vermont Yankee nuclear waste to Texas

Anti-Nuke Groups Concerned About Plans For Vermont Yankee's Radioactive Waste

Activists protest plan to transport nuclear waste to Texas

We made the daily 7!—Seven Days Vermont


 Video by ORCA Media


From Left to Right: Leona Morgan, Chris Williams, Kerstin Rudek, Deb Katz, Tim Judson

CAN's Environmental Justice and Nuclear Waste Tour "The Road from New England to Texas and New Mexico" has Commenced!

September 18, 2018

Montpelier—Our High Level Nuclear Waste Tour officially started today leaving Rowe, MA en route to Montpelier, VT with the Mock Nuclear Waste Cask in tow. The tour includes several stops in Massachusetts and Vermont with speakers from local communities and guests from Germany and New Mexico. Kerstin Rudek will share insights from their nuclear waste dump site Gorleben and Leona Morgan will speak about the resistance against the proposed interim storage sites in the Southwest and national transport.

We started the day with a radio interview on The Dave Gram Show on WDEV:

Wave to us if you see us on the road!

Environmental Justice and Nuclear Waste

Agreement reached on transfer of defunct Vermont Yankee plant

March 7, 2018

VERNON, Vt. — State and local parties have finalized an agreement with companies to facilitate the transfer of shuttered Vermont Yankee nuclear power plant to new ownership, which intends to complete decommission and restoration of the site by 2030.

In a Memorandum on Understanding filed on Friday, state and local parties approved the transfer of Vermont Yankee from Entergy to NorthStar Group Services, a New York company that specializes in power plant dismantling and restoration.  Endorsing the agreement were the Vermont Department of Public Service; Agency of Natural Resources; Attorney General’s Office; The New England Coalition of Nuclear Pollution; The Town of Vernon; Windham Regional Commission; the Elnu Abernaki Tribe; and the Abernaki Nation of Missisquoi.

Read more

Read the MOU

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