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Vermont Yankee

NEW: File - Ask Your Legislator Where They Stand!

NEW: Cheat Sheet - Nuclear energy is NOT a climate solution

Video - Nuclear Power to save the climate? You gotta be kidding!

File - Our Legacy: A Scientifically Sound and Environmentally Just Solution

File - Cape Cod Map - Contamination Relocation Zone for Pilgrim 

File - Four Important Bills - 2018 legislation committee vote for Pilgrim, April 30, 2018

File - Read the MOU - Transfer of Vermont Yankee from Entergy to NorthStar, March 7, 2018

File - NRC's latest attempt to stiffle public - June 13, 2017

File - Questions for NDCAP - March 21, 2017

File - Learn more about NorthStar - March 21, 2017 

File - What is important in Decommissioning - March 21, 2017

File - Decommissioning Joint Comments to NRC - February 16, 2016

Slides - Overview of NIRS-CAN Comments - February 16, 2016

Slides - Decommissioning from the Front Lines - February 16, 2016

Video - Changes to Nuclear Reactor Decommissioning Regulations - Audio webinar, Febr 15, 2016

Video - East Meets West Forum - a Nuclear Free MA, Greenfield CTV, August 8, 2015

Poster - Vermont Yankee map - Concentric Circles of Disaster

File - Letter AG to NRC - NRC Enforcement Proceeding No. 2013-0192

Video - Update - Act Now to Change Tomorrow, an update by Deb Katz

File - Sinking Ships - Entergy’s Sinking Ships: Vermont Yankee, Fitzpatrick and Pilgrim

File - Nuke Closures - Reactor's are Closing but the Fight isn't Over

File - 2.206 Petition - NRC Enforcement Proceeding No. 2013-0192

File - Fact Sheet - Citizen Advisory Panel for Vermont Yankee Decommissioning

File - Slides - Carbon-Free and Nuclear-Free Energy System: New England Workshop

File - Fact Sheet - Vermont Yankee: Slow and Thorough Decommissioning

Brochure - Clean Up VY Safely & Completely

File - 2.206 Petition - Petition to NRC for enforcement for VY, FitzPatrick, and Pilgrim Reactors

Poster - Fukushima in New England? - a map of the Fukushima disaster overlaid on Vermont Yankee

Brochure - Pull the Plug on VY

Tabloid - Act Today to Change Tomorrow

Brochure - Act Today to Change Tomorrow

Flyer - Entergy's Record in Vermont

Poster - Chernobyl in New England?

Poster - Radioactive Waste per Capita

Poster -  Who uses the most water to generate energy?



NEW Brochure - Clean Up Pilgrim Nuclear Safely & Completely - April 24, 2016

NEW File - Pilgrim Decom Fact Sheet - March 20, 2016

Poster - Pilgrim map - Concentric Circles of Disaster



Hardened On-Site Storage (HOSS)
- Brochure: Page 1 and Page 2

CAN Report - "Robust Storage of Spent Nuclear Fuel: A Neglected Issue of Homeland Security"
- Executive Summary - Full Report

Boiling Water Reactor Fuel Pools: petition to Nuclear Regulatory Commission
- Petition - Annex - Appendices

VonHippel Report: "Reducing the hazards from stored spent power-reactor fuel in the United States"
- Report

National Academy of Sciences Report to Congress
- Executive Summary

Demand for Action on Boiling Water Reactor Vulnerabilities
Petition Request - Petition Annex - Petition Appendix

Nuclear Spent Fuel & Homeland Security: The Case for Hardened Storage - A presentation narrated by Christopher Nord
- HOSS Presentation Part 1
- HOSS Presentation Part 2


CAN-Did Press:

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U.S. Senators, Congressional Delegation, and their Districts

—photo by Lionel Delevingne

Nuclear Power to Save the Climate?
You gotta be kidding!

Click on the photo
to watch the video 

 To The Village Square

To the Village Square: From Montague, Massachusetts to Fukushima, Japan 1975-2014

A book by Lionel Delevingne, Photographer

"Along the way Lionel Delevingne has been the 'family photographer' of an amazing body of people and actions that, against all odds, have created a way for the human race to survive. Our time together has been joyous, demanding, pathbreaking, exciting, astounding and so much more. All captured on film by the brilliant, loving lens of Lionel Delevingne, and in the beautiful words of Anna Gyorgy’s introduction. 'To the Village Square' is the essential passport to four decades of peaceful passion. Don’t miss it!"

—Harvey “No Nukes” Wasserman

“To the Village Square is AMAZING and important and moving”

—William C. Newman (Director ACLU, Western Mass Regional Office.)

Signed copy by author: $35.
Free Shipping.


For more information on the book, go to:

Giraffe Heroes

Deb Katz: 2000 Giraffe Hero Commendation, given to people who stick their necks out for the common good  


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