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Team & Board of Directors

Since our founding in 1992, CAN has been a volunteer-run organization. Our work is done by dozens of volunteers, our part-time Executive Director, and our Board of Directors. CAN's success is proof that ordinary people, working together, really can change the world - please join us!



Executive Director - Deb Katz (MA)

Admin Assistant - Veronique Bryant (MA)

VT Organizer - Chris Williams (VT)



Paul Burton (CA)

Claire Chang (MA) - Greenfield Solar

Lisa Clark (MA)

Charlene Divoky (VT)

Amy Shollenberger (VT) -



Board of Directors

President - Tim Judson (MD)

Treasurer - Harvey Schaktman (MA)

Secretary - Kimberly Medeiros (MA)

Ann Darling (MA)

Schuyler Gould (VT)

Rebecca Katz (MA)

Sal Mangiagli (CT)

Chris Nord (MA)

Joan Sellers (MA)

Debra Stoleroff (VT)

Diane Turco (MA)

Chris Williams (VT)


Join our Board

Citizens Awareness Network (CAN) is growing our board of directors. As you are well aware, CAN is a grassroots environmental organization working to end the use of unaffordable and dangerous nuclear power in the Northeast. CAN has successfully been an integral player in empowering communities to take action, has helped transform debates over energy, pollution and environmental justice and has helped reduce New England’s dependence on nuclear power by a significant percentage. CAN worked on the closure of Vermont Yankee Nuclear Power Plant in Vernon, Vermont and is engaging New England communities in the transition to renewable energy sources. You can learn more on the website:

If you would like to join the board of this vibrant organization at a pivotal moment in our ever-evolving mission, please contact us if you have finance skills, strategic planning skills, development skills, general non-profit board experience or have passion for an issue that is related to social justice or the environment.  We're happy to answer any questions you might have and accept letters of interest at or you can post your paper letter to: CAN, P.O. Box 83, Shelburne Falls, MA 01370.

Board terms are one year in length or longer. The board meets 6 times throughout the calendar year.

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Latest events
Full Panel Meeting
When: Monday, May 13, 2024
More information here.
Committee Meeting
When: Monday, June 17, 2024
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Winter 23/24

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U.S. Senators, Congressional Delegation, and their Districts

—photo by Lionel Delevingne

Nuclear Power to Save the Climate?
You gotta be kidding!

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to watch the video 

 Women Artists 2016


This year’s edition of the notebook honors the work of environmental
activist Deb Katz 


 To The Village Square

To the Village Square: From Montague, Massachusetts to Fukushima, Japan 1975-2014

A book by Lionel Delevingne, Photographer

"Along the way Lionel Delevingne has been the 'family photographer' of an amazing body of people and actions that, against all odds, have created a way for the human race to survive. Our time together has been joyous, demanding, pathbreaking, exciting, astounding and so much more. All captured on film by the brilliant, loving lens of Lionel Delevingne, and in the beautiful words of Anna Gyorgy’s introduction. 'To the Village Square' is the essential passport to four decades of peaceful passion. Don’t miss it!"

—Harvey “No Nukes” Wasserman

“To the Village Square is AMAZING and important and moving”

—William C. Newman (Director ACLU, Western Mass Regional Office.)

Signed copy by author: $35.
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For more information on the book, go to:

Giraffe Heroes

Deb Katz: 2000 Giraffe Hero Commendation, given to people who stick their necks out for the common good  


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